World Championships F5D 2010

Team_2010Follow the progress of the UK F5D Team at the 2010 World Championships in Muncie.

WCh 2010 Muncie - Pictures


A selection of pictures from Muncie here


 Pictures from Dayton Air Museum

and the AMA Model Museum

The Journey Home

The journey home was, fortunately, uneventful.

Getting the model boxes free carriage as sporting equipment was no problem at all. Somewhat different to the UK.

Bumped into our Pilot at security so we were invited to the flightdeck before the flight.

CockpitOur slightly overweight Pilot then informed us that he was recently back at work after a heart attack.  I then checked the Co-Pilots credentials.  Both are RC Model Pilots too.


The Pilot told the crew to treat us well, so we got served champaign and at the end of the flight were presented with a bottle of Champaign and Red Wine.  A great treat, but an upgrade would have been nicer Smile.


Mark Chinery was kind enough to play taxi again and we were soon home to catch up on some sleep.


Unfortunately I was stuck with Ollie for another night as we were off to the Nationals the next day,  where I could pass him on the next unlucky surrogate dad.


- Sorry for the delays in getting this blog updated, but been really busy at work since returning. 


Check back again in a few days when I hope to have some pictures up, and a report from the Nationals.


GB Gets 2nd and 3rd? in F5D Team Event

Ollie gets 2nd Place and Darron gets 3rd in the Neu-Castle F5D Mixed Team Event!

A little unexpected as they never announced the teams...

Overall a not so good WCh result for Team GB I guess, but lots to be happy about for the future.

More later, we fly back tomorrow and then off to the Nats to do this all over again!


World Championship Days 1,2 and 3

With model processing and the opening ceremony completed, it was time for to start competing!

One half of team GB got off to a bad start with me clocking up 200's in the first 2 rounds of 3, and darron getting one 200, and 2 low 70's due to a cut, and a short motor run time. Rob on the other hand managed to put in 3 solid times, a 61.7, a 63.6, and a 69.3, this gave him a good position in the pack and a solid score for him to work on in the next 2 days. We ended the day with lots of practice to try and sort out our cuts, and a very nice meal with Randy, Delbert, and Roy of the canadian team.  Thanks for helping end a bad day with a smile on our faces guys!


I was dragged out of bed on day 2 for the  8:30 start with the sun in our faces as we flew round the bases. I was in the first heat and i found i had to either fly a bad line high, or risk flying low. Naturally i took the low option and got it wrong a couple of times which led to another 2 cuts, 3 200's in the first 4 heats of my world championship. Not my dream start! I then started to fly safe and put in 3 more good low to mid 60 times, a 64, a 66, and a 62. Darron on the other hand had improved, he put in 4 solid rounds that, although not enabling to challenge the leaders, would allow him to start pushing hard the last two days. Rob was still on form, although he did have a few hick ups, the first of which was a bad launch from Mark, (a germany special as its now been named), which led to his beloved green viper sliding down the runway, chewing up his prop and burning out the mega as it went, and the second was a 71.9 which, if my memory serves me correctly, was the result of a combination of a cut on 2, and a long glide because he was trying to figure out the motor runtime on his backup model. After a couple more practice flights each we headed off back to the hotel for a freshen up and went for a large portion of steak, ribs, and deep fat fried chicken with the germans, swiss, and americans, with karaoke for afters, a delight that thankfully i managed to avoid.


WCh-_DR_LaunchLuckily day 3 (today) started abit later at a time of 10 o'clock. This gave us abit of time to sort our kit, relax, and 'get in the zone' as Darron keeps putting it. Today was my best day yet, 2 64's and 2 63's, this has meant i am moving slowly back up the field, and waiting to pray on anybody that dares to drop to my level by getting any 200's, but still with no room for error myself. My mission is to catch Daan of belgium, who is clocking up constant 70's and, with 3 heats left, is 30 seconds ahead. Darron also had a good day putting in 4 good mid 60 times placing him middle of the field, and Rob also did well putting in 4 times, one of which was a 58.9! The first sub 60 F5D time for the UK. In addition, Darron would personally like to thank Ivo of the belgium team for giving him a massage today to try and fix his stiff neck. I tried to help, but couldnt carry on when he started moaning in pleasure, it was just to gay and my duties as team bitch cant stretch that far...WCh_Massarge

So now, after a quick meal at the local appleby's with the canadians and swiss I sit here on Darrons laptop in the hotel foyey, watching family guy, hoping, and praying that a few more people make some mistakes and that i have some good times, but knowing that whatever happens i have made some really good friends, learnt alot, done well, even though my placing doesnt show it, and had a really good time!!WCh-_Ollie

Tomorrow we have another 3 rounds, then on wednesday we go to the airforce base tour, and home thursday for the nationals.

So i suppose this is Ollie Witt signing out,









WCh 2010 Processing


Yesterday was processing.

Aside from the usual queues and delays, limiter testing proved to be a real issue.

The tester was apparently the same one as they used in Kiev, but the vast majority of limiters gave very high readings.

My limiters were around 15Wmin over which is easy to correct, but I have heard rumours that some were reading 140Wmin over!

Seems that this was due to the latest versions of the SM Unilog so everyone was downgrading the version to version 1.11.

So we'll see how this now affects the times later today.




The Swiss having problems with their limiters while Team GB wait for their turn.


Limiter tester - same principle as the UK Tester.


Limiter Tester


A sneeky picture of the Austrian cooling system on an Avionik.


Always space for Apple Pie


Rob reprogramming the Swiss Limiters




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